Saturday, February 28, 2015

Three Weeks

5 weeks pregnant // 24 weeks pregnant // 38 weeks pregnant // 3 weeks postpartum
I don't know why, but I love looking at how much my hair grew during this pregnancy. Is that normal? My hair has never, NEVER grown this fast! I will definitely have to do another Locks of Love donation soon!
These three weeks have been very strange. Time is such a foreign concept to me these days, and I feel like it was only just starting to feel "normal" again after the first baby! From a big picture perspective, pregnancy seems like it was months and months ago. I remember crying in the bathtub months (but really only a few weeks) ago and telling myself that it was all going to be over soon, even though it didn't feel like it, and I'd finally have my baby.
 It seems insane to me that I was pregnant a month ago, but I was. Very pregnant. And now our baby boy is that much closer to two and our baby girl is just a week away from being a month old. In that regard, time is flying by.
At the same time though, there are definitely times during the day that things slow waaaaay down and drag on. Most specificially, when I'm in the middle of a second child's diaper change and it turns out the first one is ready for a change again... and also every single day from about 5:15pm-7:30pm. Cluster feeds, dinner time, attempt to get children settled down and ready for bed, GO GO GO.

But it's all a good kind of chaos and we're very, very happy.
In general, I've found it to be a little easier this time around. I'm busier, yes, and it's pretty rare that I get any time for myself (time like this, right now, while both children are sleeping at the same time!!!) but I have a better handle on what I'm doing this time around.

As far as healing goes, I don't even know what to say! I said early on that I was shocked by how quickly I was recovering. Well. I think I was just running on adrenaline that first week. The second week was actually pretty rough. This week has been much better again, but I am still healing a lot more slowly than I remember from the first time around. My tummy has only stopped hurting during nursing sessions within the past few days (I highly, highly recommend a hot water bottle for that. I used ice the first time which is apparently not such a great idea. I'm trying to be more mindful of what I put on my body so an electric heating pad or a microwaved rice bag kind of sounded bad to me, but the hot water bottle was just perfect) and other symptoms are all over the place. Some cleared up right away, some are just starting to clear up, and a select few actually just popped up (zits all over my chin, for example).

I am better about eating well this time but worse about resting. The first time around, I just catered to the baby and attempted to sleep when he was sleeping so there were days I didn't eat lunch until 3pm. This time I have a toddler to feed so I'm a lot better about making nutritious meals at a reasonable time. The first time I lounged around in bed or in the living room, slept when the baby slept. This time I am up before the baby sometimes and I am always trying to multi-task. Even when I am feeling physically like I overdid it the day before and I want to be gentle with myself I'm still up all the time, running around with/for the toddler.

In my humble opinion, the main difference is that mom factor. The first time around, I had never been a mom before. Everything was new and I just wanted to savor it all, lounge around counting fingers and toes. This time I am already somebody else's mama too so I have to think of that little person as well. I don't want to just lie around on the couch while he's asking me to play trains with him, you know? I think I'm striking a semi-decent balance, or at least I tell myself I am. I'm resting and choosing lighter activities, (movies, books, blocks, coloring) but still getting a few chores done each day. Mostly done, any ways.

My goals for this week: go for light walks each day, rest when I can tell I need it instead of pushing through to finish this or that before the baby wakes up, eat more fresh fruit & vegetables, send out the rest of our Thank You notes, and either finish reading Quiet (so great!) or get enough sleep that I don't have time to finish it!

Have a lovely week, everybody!


  1. I have been away from the bloggerverse for almost a year & this is what I get, I guess! Congratulations! Two under two (I am so jealous, my baby fever is in overdrive these days)!

    1. Good for you, it's good to get a break!
      Thank you! And yes, isn't it nuts?! I couldn't believe how quickly baby fever cropped back up for me!

  2. I wish I had some pictures of my belly like this with each of my babies. I only have two or three pictures of my baby bump if you can believe that, and the clothes we wore back then were more like tents! We hid it instead of showing it off then. Look at that hair, really did grow fast!