Monday, March 23, 2015


I love babywearing. I love being able to snuggle my baby while I tidy up the house or put groceries in the cart. I love the convenience it offers, the fact that it allows me to snuggle and kiss and whisper to my sweetie even when I just have to get something done. I love that it gives us more freedom. We can hike or push the toddler in his stroller or hold hands with each other as we walk the mall because of babywearing.
Now that I have two children, I love it even more. When the afternoon rolls around, my poor little newborn just wants to be held. My toddler still has needs and wants though, and babywearing is the perfect way to meet the needs of both babies.

In a way, babywearing lets me slow down the crazier pieces of time. There are times when you just have to get things done, you know? As much as I want to just forget about chores and bills and obligations so I can snuggle my babies 24/7, that just isn't realistic. Sometimes I absolutely have to take care of something now and babywearing lets me slow that moment down and snuggle with my baby while I'm doing whatever it is that's so pressing.

My little boy will still fit in the carrier on our backs but the time has come and gone for him to snuggle up in a ball and sleep peacefully on our chests. Thanks to babywearing though, I have a lot of memories of those times. Every Tuesday when we walked to the library, for example, and every Thursday when we walked around downtown. When we walked the apartment courtyard on gorgeous afternoons or when we got groceries on Fridays. I romanticize those times. I know they were frustrating at times, sticky and hot and stressful, but now they just seem like these beautiful moments spent snuggling my little boy while I still could.

Women constantly stop me to say that they think babywearing is so neat but that they didn't have it back when their babies were babies. I think that's the strangest thing. I have been doing it since my second or third week of motherhood so I can't imagine it any other way... but it's also strange to me that it just wasn't really a thing in the U.S. When you look at African, Mongolian, Inuit photos of the past... what do you see? Babywearing! I definitely wonder how all these poor mothers managed the afternoon/evening witching hour without a good carrier.

(We have been very blessed by family and friends and we have three carriers right now. We have a hand-me-down Moby wrap and two carriers we received as gifts, an Ergo and a Boba carrier. (Plus my aunt is loaning us her infant insert for the Ergo!) I thought I'd share my thoughts on each.
I personally think the Moby is best for 0-3 months and the Boba is best for bigger babies-toddlers. If you can afford/borrow two, get a Moby and a Boba. If you can only swing one, get an Ergo with an infant insert. =] )

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  1. Babywearing saved us for a very brief period. I wish Amelia still liked it :(

  2. My toddler isn't AS big a fan now, but he'll still let us from time to time. He did still love it up until about 13 or 14 months though, but only in a back-carry position for the last few months.