Thursday, March 5, 2015


My weather lately... freezing cold with glaring sun, warm but snowy and icy, perfect cloud coverage + warmth combo with 7,000mph winds.
Is it so much to ask for everything to just be perfect at all times?
Being a mother is wonderful and amazing about 95% of the time, and the other 5% has me crying into the phone telling Ryan I am failing and the worst. This post offers great perspective to mamas of little ones.

Etsy items I'm in love with: this motherhood necklace, this sign featuring one of my favorite marriage quotes, this adorable travel trailer fabric. Lately we've been talking a lot about travel with the kiddos and there are so many fun things I want to make to help our home-away-from-home feel like, well, home.

I love this great article on why fewer toys will benefit your child.

Last week we watched the coolest documentary on North America. It was narrated by Tom Selleck and it made me vow to visit all kinds of places, and also to never swim in Florida. We eventually plan to buy it. We tell ourselves it's for homeschooling so we feel a little cooler than we are.

Nine freezer meals that don't require any cooking in advance, a simple pocket scarf tutorial, and a new favorite marriage quote.

I have and love a Moby wrap. It was handed down to me and we've laughed a few times now about how I politely thanked her while thinking, I'm not going to use this. It's a super long scarf, then eventually went on to use it almost every day for several months. I love the website's examples of carries. I only ever used the two hug holds, but I'm excited to use the kangaroo and hip holds this time around. Especially the hip hold!

I just finished learning about the best colors for my personal style from this book (I'm a summer!) and now I'm starting on The 5 Love Languages of Children (my non-fiction) and Big Little Lies (my fiction). I've been excited about the first for over a year and I've been curious about the second for several months!

My inner travel bug is always very itchy this time of year. I browsed Bed and Breakfast recently and now I'm hoping to someday stay here, here and here.

Lots of wonderful ideas for ways you can give back... some completely free to you! Please also consider donating to our Compassion sponsorship, Ayingeneye!

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  1. I was thinking about what toys I had as a kid (like 4-7) and realized I didn't have much - a 5gallon bucket of wood blocks and Lincon Logs, and a wicker basket of Cabbage Patch Kid dolls and old baby clothes. And this was for me and my siblings! Not very much! We had a coffee can of crayons as well. We mostly played outside. Oh, we also had matchbox cars and a 'city' carpet to drive around on, which we'd play with for hours, trading card with each other.

    1. I forgot all about Lincoln Logs! I do remember my beloved cabbage patch doll though!
      I had a lot of toys but hardly remember any of them! We definitely played outside a lot too. Forts, bikes, sledding, tag, catch, all kinds of pretend games!