Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tot Travels: Ogden, Utah

Before we lived in Minnesota, we lived in Ogden where Ryan was in school.

We went back for his graduation in December and enjoyed seeing a lot of our old favorites again.
Most of our visit was spent hanging out with family, but we did do a few fun and exciting Ogden-specific things.


We loved seeing the Christmas village downtown. We visited it when I was pregnant and I thought about how neat it would be to see it again with that little boy or girl in tow the next time. Then we saw it the next year, with that same baby boy snuggled up to us. This third time, I felt a second baby wiggling in my tummy while I watched the first one run around and admire the lights and village displays. Pretty beautiful stuff.


That night I also enjoyed a cupcake from Ye Olde Cupcake, one of my most favorite treats ever. They have the most delicious gluten free cupcakes and macarons, along with tons and tons of non-GF treats too. This one was chocolate-covered-cherry, but my favorite is Better Than Sunshine. Ryan likes the macarons best.


On the last day, we all had breakfast together and then said our goodbyes walking around the duck pond at the college. Again, so strange! I used to meet Ryan up at the college all the time. I’d waddle up to the student center and we’d eat whatever dinner I had packed before we headed over to the library for the night. Ryan would do homework and I would read, write, or waste time on the Internet. Sometimes we’d walk around the duck pond together before or after dinner, occasionally even stopping to take my weekly belly photos there.

Other favorites in Ogden: Historic 25th Street, Baby Bump Maternity, Bella’s Fresh Mexican restaurant, Brixton’s Baked Potato, Fat Cats, Flowriders, A Good Life Juice Café, Grounds for Coffee, The Queen Bee, Wise Bird Bookery, Villabella Café

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