Thursday, April 2, 2015


Grocery shopping with two under two. Thank God for the car cart.

Wednesday nights are Ryan’s night. He reads our boy his bedtime story and then bows out to go be a grown-up again. He goes to the music store, plays video games, eats chips without sharing them, watches a guy movie downstairs, whatever.

Tonight is my night. My first one since our girl was born. I took two minutes to order a chai latte and I’m allotting three minutes to type this (everything below it was typed up during naptime, cheater pants!) before I spend 15 minutes online and then ten minutes reading and sipping said chai. Then I’ll rush home again because our girl will likely be up and ready to nurse. Ready? Set? GOOOOOO!

Nursing has been going swimmingly, aside from the teensiest hiccup last week. Our poor baby was waking up every 30-45 minutes to burp and/or spit up (fun for the whole family, yikes) and they recommended I try to avoid broccoli and cauliflower for a few months. Oh, duh. I had to avoid both until the toddler was a few months old too. I had been eating quite a bit of it because I love broccoli and cauliflower. After just one day without either she was already doing quite a bit better and now she’s doing just fine again. I get to do lots of reading while I nurse (especially late at night) and I’m currently reading and absolutely loving the book 7. It’s been an incredible inspiration and it has encouraged me to rethink some of the ways we do things to allow us to give more.

Naps are going wonderfully too, knock on wood. The baby takes her naps around the same times each day so as long as the toddler cooperates I’m starting to count on a ten-45 minute break for myself each day.

Nostalgia is always pretty prominent in my life but it has been especially profound lately. Not only does this newborn stage seem to bring it out in me (and every person we meet) but I’m also dealing with a bit of postpartum depression right now which makes me especially sentimental and weepy, among other things. I wasn’t happy with everything I found out about my prescription so I’ve been taking a more natural approach to treating it. I do feel like it’s already working, albeit slowly.I always thought depression was just a constant low but I’m really on a strange, hormonal roller coaster. One minute I’m crying tears of joy over how blessed I am to have these three joys, and the next minute I’m crying tears of sorrow over I’m-not-really-sure-what. I’m definitely looking forward to feeling balanced out again, hopefully soon!

Other things I’ve been up to lately: sucking down smoothies like it’s my job // getting a strange and intense need for change so chopping some bangs (I usually immediately regret it but this time I’m actually a fan) // scouring thrift stores for a soft and comfy t-shirt dress // leaving my baby girl in just a diaper because I’ve never seen a sight as cute as a half-nekkid baby // picking out birthday presents for my precious, talkative, almost-two-year-old

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