Saturday, April 11, 2015

Naptime Crafting

Before the baby was born I had almost finished a quilt for my cousin’s baby. I made a cutting mistake with the binding so even though I had the perfect amount, I wound up a smidge short and had to go buy more binding. I didn’t take the baby out-and-about very much at first but Ryan eventually went out and found the right color for me so I was finally able to finish it. I cut and pinned it on while the baby was sleeping and the toddler and I were watching Pistachio. I waited to sew it on until a gloriously synchronized nap a few days later, and voila!

One issue I had was with the backside of the seems on the binding. I really thought everything was going fine since the seems were perfectly normal (albeit crooked) on the front, but once I flipped it over I was shocked by how much weird bunching had happened on the underside! I tried seem-ripping one edge and starting over, but it produced the same results and frayed the fabric a little. After asking about it on Yahoo Answers I found out I've been doing bindings all wrong and that I should be sewing them on by hand! I didn't want to send the quilt out like this at first but I just had to in order to get it out before her baby comes.

The truth is that I've been having a rough go of it. First I had that crazy adjustment period, then the baby woke up more, then I had a postpartum healing setback, then postpartum depression hit. Plus I'm packing for an upcoming move!

The owl print is from Walmart but I actually bought it probably two years ago. I am very much NOT an impulse buyer, but when I saw the owl printed fabric I just couldn’t leave the store without it because I knew that someday my owl-loving cousin would have a baby and it just might be a girl. This is just a “pattern” I made up because I wanted it to be quick enough that I could finish it before the baby came and thought that not having to line up the corners would help with that. I tied it using embroidery floss. The fleece backing and the binding were both from JoAnn.

I also made this for our kitchen shelf, nothing too fancy. I have loved this quote for quite some time (no idea where it came from, even when I searched it for far too long online) so I used PicMonkey to put it on a wedding photo and then framed it. I printed via Walgreens and I got coupon codes from before printing.

I’ve also been verrrry slowly working on our 2014 family photobook via Blurb (20% off with code 2015BLURBMAR) and will hopefully soon be learning to crochet! Sadly, I am no longer loom-knitting my toddler sweater. My sweet boy has a very help-focused heart and is always looking for ways to help us. He tried to get something off of the top of our dresser and knocked the project down... and then he tried to pick it up and put it back but was standing on the actual sweater portion so it yanked it off the pegs and unraveled a lot of it. I couldn't figure out how to fix it without starting over and the bottom had looked crummy any ways so I'm moving on and maybe I'll go back to it someday.


  1. I love the quote on the photo! Totally stealing the idea. I may do it with a line from our wedding song!! So awesome that you bought the fabric for her so long ago. :) and noooo, not the sweater!!