Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Recent Randoms

I found this recipe on Instgram the other day so I basically made them… but I didn’t have enough coconut so I also used crushed almond slivers to bulk them up. Delicious!

I just started this awesome book about small donations adding up and making a difference (Give a Little by Wendy Smith) and I’m overwhelmed with hope for our world! Did you know that American citizens (with incomes below $100,000) donating $50 or less make up the vast majority of donation in our world? Those small donations from average-joes like us funded more BILLIONS of dollars than did those of large charities or corporations during the tsunami relief of 2004, Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, etc.!
(On that note, please consider making a $5 donation to our Compassion fund for Ayingeneye today! Please also consider e-mailing a letter, or at least a few lines to put in our next letter, to SKBell36 (at) gmail (dot) com [“My name is Sally and I am praying for your family today!” might make a huge difference in her day!] and, of course, please say a quick prayer!)

One of my babies just turned two months old! And the other will be two later this month! I remember his newborn stage like it was last week! My heart is breaking with sadness while bursting with joy. So basically, I am a mother.

I’m almost out of freezer meals but am definitely nowhere near ready to cook real meals every night. Lately I’ve been a smidge obsessed with my crock pot. The other morning I was plotting out my day and realized I had no idea what I was going to do about dinner! I plugged in my crock pot and threw in some chicken with water and white grape juice (it was all I had in the fridge, grocery day!) and then chopped up some carrots, celery & onion before adding a few spices and herbs. I don’t each chicken so I can’t honestly vouch for it, but Ryan said it was delicious and he was excited about eating the leftovers.

I recently learned that there are seven Christians for every one orphan in the world. Seven Christians for every one orphan. Seven to one!!!

I had started this post last week and am just now finishing it, so here’s my new big news… we’ve moved! We had been planning to move in May but some weird technicalities left us with a tough decision to make, and fast! Ryan was contacted about it all Thursday and after some VERRRRRRY quick deliberation we determined we needed to move Monday! So not only did we only have one weekend, it was also the weekend Ryan’s mom was in town! We packed in between visiting with them and before bed. Well, Ryan packed while I nursed ;] We miraculously did it! We spent last night in a hotel and today we hope to find a different place to live. Ryan has to work tomorrow so if we don’t find a place today I’ll be lugging two babies around trying to find something!

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