Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sausage Links

Nursing-friendly clothes you already have in your wardrobe, a super cute nursing-friendly tunic I wish would look better on my body type, a great little list of items for packing lightly, and the Star Wars onesie dress my mom will probably click on a few too many times.

Weddings make me think about our wedding and how I would do it if we were getting married now, today, when I'm this person with these interests. These gorgeous photos make me think a snowy Alaska wedding would be perfect. Really, that would be too cold and too far away... but we're already married so I can pretend.

On that note, a few super short marriage proposal stories! (I would LOVE to get some marriage proposal stories for my Love Stories posts. Please consider sending your story to SKBell36 (at) gmail (dot) com with a short About the Author and up to three optional photos)

I always read frugal grocery tips and miscellaneous money-saving tips just in case someone has thought of something Earth-shaking that we don't yet do (or at least know about).

My friend shared her (medication-free) birth story! Check it out... part 1, part 2. Also, a very inspiring post about special needs college students and how you can help support them, a glimpse at Boulder, Colorado on our new gluten-free travel blog, and another blog post about learning to sew.

I've been surrounded by good books recently! I read The Girl on the Train and think it was worth the hype but very much R-rated. I'm loving this devotional for new moms (got it free on Kindle!), and I'm also loving 7 which is the most inspiring, soul-searing book I've read in quite some time. It's also making me crazy excited to go visit Austin New Church some time!
(Side note: Every time I picked up The Girl on the Train I would sing that Dierks Bentley song to myself as "I'm getting drunk on a train...")

Super excited about this one! Still under construction, but search for books featuring a child's name for the perfect Christmas/birthday/baby shower gift! Also, submit ten suggestions not already listed on the site and be entered to win an Amazon gift card!

Please consider making a small donation to our Compassion fund for Ayingeneye today, say a quick prayer for her and her family, and check out Compassion's page about their work in Rwanda.

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  1. I've been realizing I have very few clothes that are nursing friendly! And when I wear a nursing tank under a t-shirt, it can be hard to hold Devin while also pulling it up without pulling both shirts up. Ha! I have found one nursing tank that work well, but need to get a couple more I think.

    Girl on the Train is being added to my to-read list!

    Well, all the books with names that I thought of you already have haha I'll be paying attention as I read Devin's books!