Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Postpartum Weight Loss Post.

I lost my postpartum weight pretty quickly the first time around, although my body still took about nine months to be "back to normal" (minus a few permanent changes). I think I felt good, though, around the three-ish month mark. 

I was surprised to discover that I am not cooperating with myself this time around. I of course want to feel like I look good, but the more important thing to me is that I want to feel good. You know what I mean. I want to feel confident and healthy and strong. I don't really feel any of those things right now, although being sick is certainly not helping with that. I still don't even feel fully recovered from the birth, and that seems strange.

We are currently living in a hotel (this will hopefully come to an end tomorrow!) and yesterday I was feeling a little desperate about that. I don't have an oven/stove/normal-sized refrigerator, so I was feeling like I can't eat healthy foods. That of course isn't true, it's just how I felt at the time. 

For reference... how I looked when I was ten weeks pregnant this time around.
I remember that day very well. I felt bloated. Ha ha. Now, this picture is my goal!
I was disappointed to discover that this particular hotel has neither a pool nor a gym... but that's okay! Yesterday we went for a stroller walk and checked out the bookstore. It was a busier street than I'm very comfortable with walking along, but it's only temporary. Today we'll get the van on Ryan's lunch break so we'll be booking it to a park with a walking track.

The point is, my situation is weird right now and it's easy to feel a little hopeless about it. It's also easy to tell myself I'm just going to wait until we get out of this hotel, or until we get settled in our new home, or until the weather is perfect, or until the baby is a little more independent... it's really easy to fall into a trap of making excuses, and especially when I'm only making them to myself. Because, well, I of course have sympathy for me and I agree every time. 

But right now, today, I'm deciding to just DO IT. 

I was thinking I might start sharing a little more about my postpartum weight loss journey this time around to keep myself accountable. 

Today I will run around at the park and I will stop by the health food store to figure out a few healthy dinner options for the week. Tomorrow we will take another stroller walk... and then this weekend you can get into national parks for free so I'll be out hiking with my family. 

Ready? Set? GO!


  1. Such an inspiration to get off my butt! I keep using the excuse that it'll make me too tired, but in reality it'll probably give me more energy and feel less stressed! Time to let the potato chips settle in my belly before I do a beginner Jillian Michael's video.

    1. Well, it didn't actually work out for us to take the van AND Ryan had to work late, so I had to order food to the hotel to feed us and then get the boy to bed on time! BUT we did still go for a walk outside and climb the hotel's stairs a few times. Better than nothing!
      I didn't think about videos though! I have some I've been using and love, but they're of course packed. My mom lets us use her NetFlix Instant thing while we're traveling and have wi-fi so maybe I'll do some kind of exercise video after the babies are both asleep for the night!

  2. Every little bit helps. A few of us at work try to get up every hour and walk around our building a few times. I hope you get more settled soon. I hate being in limbo or at least the feeling of it. Sorry it worked out that we were coming on the weekend before your move but I hope we were some help. :) And of course it was so great to see you guys.

    1. Well we certainly appreciated the help!

      Now that I have a nice yard I can just walk laps back there while the boy plays if nothing else! But today we all went for a hike, so that was nice! =]