Thursday, May 14, 2015

Current Favorites

Our three month old is developing so quickly and I had forgotten how amazing it is to watch! We all three enjoy sitting and watching her as she rolls around during tummy time, stares awed and bewildered by the sun coming in through our living room blinds, giggles and coos and smiles at her big brother.

Our two-year-old is so fast you have to really focus to watch him! One minute he’s over here, the next he’s over there. We’re enjoying listening to all the new words and phrases he’s quickly learning (Just a few days ago, heard shouted from the living room at 6am: “Dad!! C’mere! NOW!”) and watching him figure out how the world works now that he can walk and talk and hold his own.

Some of his current favorite activities are reading (Red Truck is still a definite favorite but he’s also very excited about every new library book we bring home each week), coloring, watching movies (he just used his birthday money and surprised us by picking out a Curious George video instead of his usual Veggie Tales or Sid the Science Kid favorites), and anything and everything outside. He likes running around in our backyard, hiking, the sand at the park, throwing the football with Daddy, blowing bubbles and going for stroller walks with Mom, you name it.

Ryan and I are just enjoying it all. We’re enjoying our new town and all the exploring that’s come with it, each new stage and phase with both children, some quiet grown-up time when we get the babies to bed each night. Our current favorite family activities are hiking/exploring outside, hanging out in the backyard, sitting on the couch with a few books and letting our little guy “read” them to us (bock-bock! moo! tree! green! dirt!).

Our current favorite bedtime grown-up activities are chatting in the kitchen, playing board games (and Family Game Night on the XBox thanks to our library!), reading our respective books on the couch together, watching a movie while I put away laundry and craft (currently a doll, made from a pattern in Storybook Toys)

Current favorite way to start a morning: reading out loud to my kiddos while one of them colors and the other giggles and gummy smiles. Chocolate-cherry smoothie optional.
I love this. This is great. I get smiled at all dang day. I have never and will never feel as loved, or so I hear. I hear giggles and coos and sighs and mispronunciations, and I hear a little Louis Armstrong in my head. I get my house kinda-sorta clean-ish and then I hang out with my better half. I watch movies and play games and read books and sew.

But if you had told me five years ago that this would be our life? I don’t know. I guess I would have liked the bedtime parts well enough, but what would I have thought about the daytime parts? About the hours I would spend changing diapers and wiping drool off my arm with only my hand, about the 50-million times a day I would prepare food for someone else and the five times a day I would eat half of a cold meal or snack, about the days I would do little more than wash a few dishes and put away the 20 children’s books strewn across the living room floor… I don’t know that I would have appreciated all the good stuff surrounding it.

My favorites right now are things I would once have found a little lame. Degrading even. I like to sing Veggie Tales songs and dance around to our Bible songs CD. I like to read about saying please and about talking animals. I like to eat broccoli nuggets and spinach quesadillas and pb&j with banana slices. I like to make truck sounds and play peek-a-boo. When I see a pretty fabric I imagine making a baby doll dress out of it. I go potty instead of using restrooms and I explain everything I do. And I love it.

When I look back on this time in ten, 15, 25 years, I hope I see it for what it is. I hope I remember that it was just challenging enough to boost my self-esteem and help me realize that I am in fact strong and brave. I hope I remember most of all that it made me smile every single day. Even when we were all sick or when I was having a rough postpartum depression day, even when I thought I would die of being too pregnant or when I was running on less than three hours of sleep. Every day. And not only did I smile, I got smiled at. That’s my favorite.

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  1. The other day I put in a CD in the car with a bunch of fun songs, like Wheels on the Bus, Old McDonald, etc and was singing along. Then I started laughing thinking about what I was doing just to entertain my 3 month old! Life is so fun now, I can't imagine life before a baby being this much fun.

    1. And it's going to get even more fun as they start to sing along, you know?! NUTS!!