Monday, May 4, 2015


Lately nursing has been a high priority. Here’s some sad news for you: My baby was not getting enough to eat. She dropped down to the 1st percentile on the growth chart, which was not necessarily cause for concern… but then we also noticed she was having a slight depression in the top of her head while she was sleeping which can be a sign of low fluid levels. That also explains a lot of my hormone issues and my very slow postpartum weight loss. I threw away her pacifier and made sure to offer her milk more often even if she wasn’t asking for it. Lo and behold, my hormones seem to be doing a lot better (only having postpartum depression symptoms about once every ten days now!) and I dropped several pounds quite quickly. She wasn’t happy about losing her pacifiers but we’re both a lot healthier for it so it is what it is! I haven’t been as interested in reading while nursing now that she’s more alert and is interested in smiling at me while I nurse… but every once in a while I still do and I’m currently finishing up Salt Sugar Fat and Give a Little.
I had forgotten how consumed you are by nursing in the first few months. I knew it and wondered how it would work with a toddler around, but I didn’t really remember the fact that it’s pretty much all you do at first. You won’t believe how many boxes are still taped up and how much laundry is sitting unfolded in the basket right now.

Lately naps are kind of a piece of cake. Our little girl falls asleep in her car seat, in a carrier on our chests, or swaddled in bed and nursing. I’m working on getting her to fall asleep after nursing instead of while nursing and it’s a slow process. Our kiddo is pretty compliant about naptime now and will lie there a while and then go to sleep. Sometimes he gets to pick something special as a reward for certain things and one of his favorite choices is to fall asleep watching a movie at naptime. Most recently, The Pirates Who Don’t do Anything. I am usually lying in there with him since I’m putting his sister to sleep at the same time. The other day she was already asleep and he was in trouble for being super, super mean so I just made him go in there by himself and lie down for sleep with no story or anything. I expected him to come out a few times like he does at bedtime, but instead he followed directions even though he was awake for a while. Growing up so fast!
Right now the baby naps in a completely opposite schedule from her big brother’s schedule at the same age. She sleeps from about 8:30-9am, from about 10:40a-12p, and from about 1:30p-4:30p, then goes to sleep for the night at 7p with a few wakeups for milk. The toddler gets to see Dad when he come home for lunch and then naps right afterwards, so typically from 1:30 or 2pm- 3:30 or 4pm. Most days they are napping together pretty well right now (although the baby tends to wake up once and need help going back to sleep) which has been really nice for me. I use 10 or 15 minutes of that time to write (like right now!) and then I do a few chores. I try to always lie down in my bed for a few minutes of reading at the end but most days one of them wakes up right before I get the chance.

I have been nostalgic about everything lately, but that’s nothing new. I think it gets worse and worse as I get older. Other people in our families are going through different stages so I think back on our own version of those stages and get nostalgic about the time right before we got engaged, to our actual engagement and wedding planning, to the weeks leading up to the birth of our first baby, and now I look at our girl and can’t believe she’s already almost three months old because I swear it was just a week or two back that we were bringing her home from the hospital! I have heard all my life about how time is different for God than it is for us and how a year for us is like a few minutes for him. Lately I’ve been feeling like that’s already how it is for me, so now I really don’t understand that concept.

Other things I’ve been up to lately: Desperately trying to get my house in order after moving // missing my family and friends and getting involved with our new church to make up for it // wanting to check out a new version of Steel Magnolias I hadn’t heard of until recently // exploring the nature around our new town on the weekends // working out extra hard to make up for all the leftover birthday cake that comes with having two birthdays in one week!

What have you been up to lately?


  1. I'm glad nixing the binky has helped! I don't think Devin has a nap routine yet...or maybe I just don't pay attention haha she definitely Wales up at the same time though, around 6-6:30! Luckily I can feed her then she'll lay there babbling while I close my eyes.

    1. Both of my babies have gotten themselves into good nap routines! I hope they all follow suit!!