Thursday, May 21, 2015

Linktastic Links

Good morning daughters of Eve and sons of Adam! (Chronicles of Narnia on the brain)

A few links for you all on this fine day:

Nights are starting to make sense again and I’m back into sewing! I'm actually getting a little overzealous and am having to remind myself to slooooow it on down. I’m starting with the simplest doll pattern in Storybook Toys and I'm also using inspirations from Sew Dolled Up. Storybook Toys features 40s and 50s-inspired doll styles and I’m just so in love with them! I'm really excited to see all the many ways they will turn out. I think dolls are my favorite sewing project.
Also on my list right now: a car mat for the kiddo, dolls for family and friends, and another quilt project.

And on that note, 5 reasons the Money Saving Mom is glad her family has chosen not to have very many toys.

Two fun posts about living in smallish places… how one family saved money by living in a bus and how this family of four lives in 700(ish) square feet.

The truth about nitrates and nitrites, simple gardening on a tight budget, and road trip tips for vegetarian travelers!

I think I've mentioned a few times that I'm always on the hunt for wholesome TV shows. Movies don't seem to be too hard to find (we just borrowed Chimpanzee from the library and all loved it!) but I love the slow plot twists and meaty character development you get from shows. Maybe it's just the reader in me. Any ways, it's hard to find a show that doesn't get all of its humor from sex or all of its suspense from violence & drugs. We do like White Collar a lot, though they've started pushing the line enough that we don't watch it around the toddler these days, but I recently dreamed that we started watching The Wonder Years. I know, lamest dream ever. Any ways, I looked it up and was bummed out to find that it wasn't available through our library or through the DVD plan on NetFlix, but all of the comments on NF and Amazon talk about how nice it was to be able to watch a wholesome show with your children. Score! So I'm on the hunt for the first season, preferably used and real cheap.

Have you checked out our other business ventures yet? GF America is our blog featuring gluten free food as we travel the coutnry, and Name in a Book is a growing database of children's books listed by the name of the characters inside so you can find the perfect birthday/Christmas/baby shower gift with a few quick clicks.

And some things we’ve been up to lately: enjoying a free box of goodies in exchange for online reviews via Influenster // taking our double stroller on its maiden voyage, loving it, and using it every day since! // using carrot-beet-celery juice as a base in a lot of our smoothies // not eating tomatoes since it seems to bother the baby when I nurse her after eating them // READING. Ten minutes at naptime, ten at bedtime, a few if the toddler is doing his own thing while I'm nursing, and a little from a kid-friendly book while he colors/builds with blocks and she does tummy time. At the moment: Salt Sugar FatGive a LittleI Was HereRalph S. Mouse, and Lose Your Mummy Tummy. That last one is a cheat because I'm actually starting it tomorrow. It's not for weight loss, although it probably sounds like it. I have diastisis recti, the separation of your abs, after this pregnancy. The top part of my abs have healed up quite nicely but the lower part of my belly is still very gapped. My lower back hurts pretty often right now, but my lower belly actually does too and I think that's why. I know sit-ups and crunches are a no-no so I had planned to focus on pilates a lot, but then I recently learned that most pilates moves are a big no-no too! So now I'm excited to learn more about it and heal up quickly.

Well. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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