Tuesday, June 30, 2015

20 Questions...

Remember these bad boys from a million years ago? Thought I’d fill one out today, just for fun.

Exacly one homegrown raspberry in my oatmeal = rich life. 
1. Favorite color? Gray

2. Favorite fruit? I always used to say pears. I still love pears, but this weekend I bought pineapple and now… I don’t know. I do love pineapple an awful lot.

3. Favorite book? I definitely don’t have just one favorite. A few of my most recent favorites: Call the Midwife and 7.

4. Favorite TV show? We don’t have cable so I’m always really behind the times just watching shows through NetFlix DVDs. When we stay at hotels we really like to watch House Hunters, Alaska: The Last Frontier, and Alaskan Bush People. We also recently borrowed Sarah Palin’s Alaska from the library and it was just so gorgeous!

5. Favorite holiday? I don’t think I really have one. My favorite thing to celebrate is our anniversary though.

6. Favorite breakfast food? Hmmm. I think biscuits and gravy or strawberry crepes, but probably only because they’re hard to find GF.

7. Favorite hobby? Hiking/exploring with the family, sewing by myself.
While we're on the topic of sewing... my most recent creation. Pizza sleep shorts since I can only ever find hot pajama pants for my poor little buddy. One pair for him, one pair for my cousin. I did not pose him with this bear which kind of melts my heart.
8. Favorite thing to do on the weekend? Basically just hang out as a family. We go hike or have a mini adventure, run errands, go to church, play board games at naptime, run around outside with the toddler, whatever.

9. Favorite game system? Board. Board games. But I still have the Super Nintendo I bought right after I got my first apartment (I thought everyone would be like, “Sara’s got that Super Nintendo! Let’s go to her place!” but really they were like, “Sara’s place is stuffy and full of crimes. Let’s go to Taco Bell.”) and we like to pull that out once in a while for an oldschool battle royale. I lose 100% of the time but I’m okay with it.

10. Favorite dessert? Usually brownies, but sometimes cheesecake.

11. Favorite sport? I love to watch football, especially in person. If I’m actually playing, I think racquetball is my absolute favorite, closely followed by tennis since I haven’t had access to a racquetball court since like 2009.

12. Favorite season? Definitely fall. The order for me is Fall, Winter, Sprint, Summer. And summer is only on the list because it seemed dumb to only list three of the four seasons.

13. Favorite movie? I’ve always said Armageddon, but I haven’t watched it in over two years now so I guess maybe that’s not true anymore. Other favorites: Roman Holiday, Wait Until Dark, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Steel Magnolias, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Bears.

14. Favorite vacation spot? I can’t really pick until I’ve seen it all ;] I THINK I would say Fairy Lake near Battleridge, Montana. But I did love our Pagosa Springs, Colorado honeymoon like crazy too.

15.  Favorite school subject? English.

16. Favorite pizza? Olive oil & garlic instead of tomato sauce, Italian sausage, black olives, red onions, mushrooms.

17. Favorite exercise? Aqua aerobics, hands down. Honorable mentions are long walks, hikes, dance parties with my boy, tennis.

18. Favorite animal? I guess moose?

19. Favorite sandwich? This survey is making me hungry. Lately we’ve been on a grilled cheese kick. We have one for dinner once or twice a week and always put stuff inside. The current winner is pepperoni/onion/spinach/bell pepper.

20. Favorite website? I don’t even know. I basically just check e-mail, read a few blogs, pay bills, and manage this blog + our children’sbook website. I remember filling these out in high school and having really weird answers. Like www.lyrics.com. I would sit for hours looking up lyrics to songs I liked and then saying, “Ohhhhh, that’s what they’re saying?!” 

Pick three of your favorite questions and answer them in the comments?


  1. The raspberry looks yummy and the shorts are very cute.
    10. I love a good strawberry milkshake.
    16. Good old fashioned pepperoni pizza is my favorite.
    18. I think probably horses or dogs.

    You sure are interested in Alaska! You have to go on a cruise soon!

    1. Thanks Cathy! Hope you are doing well!
      I definitely hope to go on an Alaskan cruise someday soon! We considered doing it for our fifth anniversary, now we're planning it for the tenth. =]

  2. Where there's one raspberry, there will be more! Brownies is one of my most favorite desserts! I'll have to try pizza your way. That sounds delicious!

    1. I had a few the other day too, it's just a slow process. =]
      It is SO yummy!

  3. 2. Favorite fruit- strawberries but I eat more green apples.
    5. Favorite holiday-used to be Christmas when I was little & when my own kids were little. Not as much
    14. Favorite vacation spot-wherever I can see my grandbabies! & Ryan and Sara of course.

    1. Oh yes, can't forget those people ;]

  4. 1. Lavendar
    3. Bible
    10. German Chocolate Cake


    1. Mmmm, I admit German Chocolate Cake is pretty darn wonderful.

  5. 11. Definitely football. I grew up cheering my brother on from the sidelines, and again when my own son played in Jr. High and High School. I love the thrill of a touchdown!

    13. Steel Magnolias will always be my number one.

    18. My favorite animal is a cat. They are such beautiful creatures, very low maintenance in most cases, and have such varied and interesting personalities.

    1. Have you seen the other version of Steel Magnolias yet?! I'm ready to discuss!
      I didn't know cats were your favorite! I guess I'm not really surprised though. =]