Friday, June 5, 2015

Adventure Lunch

Sometimes Ryan and I stand there amazed by the look of excitement on our toddler’s face over something we didn’t even really think twice about. Then other times we get super excited and passionate about something but end up receiving hardly any reaction at all.

Like this adventure lunch.

I made it a whole big thing. I put up a blanket fort in our backyard and I put together an adventure lunch for his cool new backpack and we “hiked” out to a mysterious fort where his bear and caribou were waiting to picnic with us.

Pretty cool, right? Coolest mom ever, right?

Wrong. He no care.

He half-heartedly perked up when I told him it was time to take out our lunch and then he slumped over again and cared not-at-all when I presented a lunch I thought was going to be super fun:
Mashed berries & cream cheese on a blueberry waffle sandwich (normally loves all three of those things), Simple Truth sweet potato chips (normally his favorite, and he in fact ate way too many just today), pineapple, and my second favorite Larabar flavor: Coconut chocolate chip.

I was still proud of this lunch, even though it was met with absolutely zero enthusiasm, and I thought I’d share it here just in case you’re in need of a new adventure lunch for your own kiddo.

In other news, we’re still collecting money for Ayingeneye’s birthday here (I need it by June 21st in order to make sure she gets it by her actual birthday, and be sure to put "Birthday" in the comment section so I know it's not for the general fund) and we’d love for her to get a nice fat stack of birthday cards this year. If you’re interested in writing one to her, please make sure you write “Ayingeneye Sofora, RW1590050 somewhere on the card before you mail it to 

Attn: Child Correspondence Department
Compassion International 
Colorado Springs, CO 80997

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