Saturday, June 27, 2015

Baby Sign Language Update

My little guy is officially talking and I am still a huge fan of baby sign language.

He has too many words and phrases to list here now, and he says something that surprises us every single day. I keep wondering when that will get old. This morning he was using one of his coloring books and then told me he wanted “dee udder one.” WHA?!

So. Right now he basically uses two signs. He still asks for a new diaper using sign language and has yet to actually say diaper outloud, and he still signs “eat” while he’s shouting eat/snack/whatever food he’s asking for (cereal, bar, peanut butter or cheeeeese most often)

I would say his vocabulary and speech fall somewhere in the middle of the road. One the one hand, I have met a few children his age (two years and two months) who actually speak pretty decent sentences and can hold a real conversation with you. But I’ve also met a few whose mothers could count the number of words they can say. So I’m guessing he’s average, though as his mom I of course consider him to be slightly above average since he knows all of his colors, counts a little bit, is the greatest, etc.

He’s very curious about new words and is constantly asking us what something is. We used to answer by telling him the word and then signing it for him (neither of us is fluent in sign language so we usually had to look it up in this book). Now we just say the word and he cheerfully repeats it. Then a day or two later he’ll randomly use it himself and we’ll be shocked!

One thing Ryan and I find so fascinating is his love for Jeeps. He is very aware of which SUVs are Jeeps and which are not (although FJ Cruisers occasionally trip him up.) He won’t bat an eye at most SUVs and then will suddenly be shouting, “Look! PEEP! RED PEEP! Go see it?” And sometimes he’ll also ask “Doggie in it?” Adorable, right?

I haven’t been as diligent about using sign language with the baby since I know more what to expect this time around but we’re starting to use it a little more now. I imagine she’ll start to recognize signs around six months and mimic or attempt to mimic them between nine months and a year.

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