Friday, June 19, 2015

Care Packages Galore

Happy Anniversary to the greatest husband I could possibly ask for! And Happy Friday to you!

We have been on a mail kick around these parts. We recently made two more care packages, both of which contained a special drawing from my favorite little boy.

The first was for my brother. We have a list of people we’d like to send packages to this year and Uckle was the toddler’s next pick. He picked the color RED to focus on. We made him a red picture frame and then we hit the Dollar Tree and grocery store where he picked out a red package of ramen (Mommy may have steered him there to replace the red ice cream he had so lovingly chosen), a red toothbrush, red socks, and a red bag of Skittles. It was a really fun way to practice colors and wasn’t very expensive so I definitely think our next package will probably be colors too. As he gets older I think we might practice letters this way too. 
Homeschooling is going to be really fun.

The other package was for my cousin who just had a baby. It contained a “baby meal,” which is a fancy way of saying a Panda Express gift card. It also contained the book we plan to read together before having weekly chats about the chapters, some hand-me-down nursing clothing, and this patriotic pillowcase dress I made for her baby.

My little girl has a “matching” version. The truth is that these were the biggest pain the neck ever. Pillowcase dresses are super quick and simple, probably about 30 minutes start to finish if you’re better than me at sewing and have fewer children. Because I made these scrappy, they took me like three months to finish ha ha. The fabric came from WalMart and JoAnn, mostly fat quarters. Some of the blue fabric was also used in my other cousin’s baby’s quilt so I think that’s kinda fun. =]

Now then. I’ve also put together a little care package to give away here on le blog!

*Fact: That's not the actual picture frame I'm sending. I just couldn't find a photo of it online.
A back-up (and gender neutral) cover for a Boppy nursing pillow; a copy of my favorite mom book to devour at naptime; a picture frame for filling your home with happy nostalgia; and a few miscellaneous surprises. (See what I did there?)

Anyone can enter. Enter for yourself, sister, cousin, daughter, friend, neighbor, co-worker, whatever. Give some of it away, keep it all for yourself, you decide.

To enter, leave a comment below telling me what book you most recently got really sucked into, and what e-mail address to contact you with if you win. That’s it!

For additional, optional entries:
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Make a donation to Ayingeneye’s special cause. You can have one entry for every dollar you donate between now and the 22nd. (If you’d like the money to go straight to her as a birthday gift, be sure to type “birthday” in the comments. Otherwise it’ll just go to the her general sponsorship fees)

You can re-share the giveaway on social media platforms once per day until the giveaway ends. If you do, be sure to leave a comment letting me know every time you do. Enter by midnight on Monday, June 22nd. I will pick a winner the next day.

Good luck!!


  1. I love the dress you made! I wish I got along better with my sewing machine. :)

  2. I got really into "Tiny Beautiful Things" by Cheryl Strayed! and caitcetera@gmail :)

  3. C Knoll
    I am really enjoying a series by Ava Miles called Country Heaven. I finished that book and I am on the second in the series and its called The Chocolate Garden. I am a hopeless romantic!

  4. Lacy- I just finished reading Bikini Season by Sheila Roberts. So cute. LacyCelebre@gmail.co9m

  5. Tammy- Reading The Women of Duck Commander.

  6. I loved a book about the Navajo Code Talkers! Couldn't put it down

  7. I got so sucked into "Dorothy Must Die" by Danielle Paige!

  8. I absolutely loved "Killing Lincoln" by Bill O'reilly.

  9. I'm always tardy to the giveaway party! Oh well. ;)

    That dress is SO cute! I maayyyy venture into making one for Devin. I plan on at least making a little headband to pair with a white onesie and denim shorts!

    1. Oh goodness, I have been meaning to make a headband since before she was even born! But I just have too darn many projects on my list for now. Someday, when she is 30 and would never wear one. And maybe by then I'll be a grandma so it won't actually matter! ;]