Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Eight Things I Love Today

1. Great deals. My Wal-Mart has these little slip-on shoes on clearance for $4 right now so I got a pair for each of the children to grow into. For some reason we always end up in a season of things. We’ll have ten pairs of pajamas in one size but no jackets, five pairs of shorts but no pants, three jackets but no socks, etc. This is me trying to stay on top of shoes ;]

2. Pull-down nursing tops!! I’m always on the hunt for my favorite pull-down tanks/tees through Motherhood Maternity. I used to have a secondhand maternity store by my town and I got quite a few of the tank tops. And then I was feeling very generous and shared all but the two neutrals I had gotten with a gift card. And then I realized that they are my favorite kind of nursing shirt and I have been on the hunt for more ever since. I see some shirts over and over again when I scour thrift stores in whatever town I’m in, but not this style. But yay! I now have two new t-shirt versions, and in exactly the colors I’ve wanted for so long! Gray (but you already knew that) and navy. These are my absolute favorite kind of breastfeeding-friendly shirt and as soon as I learn how to make this neckline myself I plan to make a few shirts/dresses in in this style for myself and some of my mama friends/family.

3. Baby tricks. Ryan and I were amazed all weekend long because our girl is army crawling all over place now. If you set her on a blanket in one corner and run to the kitchen for a moment, you’ll come back and she’ll already be halfway across the room. And our boy, my goodness! He’s giving kisses to photos of family right now, and he’s all over the place with his words. My current favorite thing is to stand him on the windowsill in the mornings and stifle laughter or hide a smile at whatever he shouts at Ryan as he drives away for work. “Scheeya schooon!”, “Guh luck!”, “Bye busss buddy!” “be gooood!”

4. My Moby wrap. I loved it like crazy when my boy was tiny, but then a friend gave me her Ergo carrier and I started to use that all the time instead. This time around I only kinda-sorta like the Ergo because I find it really uncomfortable to always have clips and straps and buckles digging into me somewhere. Plus it really hurts my lower back no matter how many times I adjust it. I had it in my head that putting the Moby wrap on was a big pain so was hardly using it at all. But now I’m back to loving it like crazy and I just put it on every morning so I don’t even have to think about it!

5. Starting a new book. I finished reading The5 Love Languages of Children today at naptime (loved it and recommend it) and I’m excited to start a new one tomorrow, My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife. I’ve had this book on my list for quite a while now but this is the first time I’ve had a library that actually kept it on the shelves!

6. Raspberries growing in my yard! That’s all I have actually blooming right now but my fingers are tightly crossed for some eventual veggies. =]

7. Skirts. So I haven’t wanted to talk about it here for fear of coming across as judgy but I’ve completely given up pants for religious reasons. Every female I love and care about wears pants so I don’t care at all that you do, just something that matters right now for me. I’ve never liked the way jeans feel so I figured it would be easy but I almost immediately missed yoga pants. Then I met a maxi skirt, and discovered I like that kind of soft, yoga pants-ish material skirt even more than yoga pants. I’ve been on the hunt for a denim skirt for months. I’ve searched thrift stores in multiple states and just haven’t found a thing! They were all either mini skirts or long, ultra flowy (yet stiff, because denim) tents but nothing that I’d actually feel semi attractive in. And then I found one, huzzah! I love it. It’s like a comfortable pair of jeans, and the best part is that it doesn’t have a fly because for whatever reason my shirts always wind up with a little hole right in the same spot when I wear them with jeans. Here it is through Amazon, just in case you’d like to be my twin.

8. A letter from Ayingeneye!!! I always get so excited to share any information from/about her here and I hope you all get excited too. In my mind, we’re all in this together. =] (To donate to her cause, click here! I’ve already sent out her birthday money tonight but it’s always helpful to donate to her general sponsorship fund which covers the cost of meals, healthcare, education and school supplies, etc.)

Also, congrats to Caitlin for winning the giveaway package... I'll e-mail you in a few minutes. =] 


  1. 1) Those shoes are so cute, I should get some for Devin!!

    2) I'm always looking for the clip tank tops with the build in 'bra'. I have a couple from Target, but they are very lose around my stomach and kind of flow out. They are meant to hide the postpartum belly, but it just makes me look pretty chunky! haha But I love the ease with nursing. I wish I could find them in like regular undershirt tank top material that's stretchy, but no luck.

    3) So exciting about the psuedo-crawling! Devin just rolls a whole bunch and twists and turns and ends up all over haha

    4) I'm so glad the Moby is working out for you! I've never tried an Ergo but want to.

    5) I liked the original 5 Love book, so I'll have to add that to my to-read list.

    6) Raspberries!!!!!! So lucky.

    7) If I were to wear a jean skirt, I'd have to go with this style: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OZ2TIIO?psc=1 And I actually love it now that I saw it, so I'll have to look for one at thrift stores so I can be your non-religious twin! ;)

    8) Writing a letter to her is also on my forever long to-do list! I'm glad you continue posting about her so I remember!

    1. So happy you can use the tanks I texted about!
      That skirt is so cute! I bet you could find a decently simple pattern online. What if you made a chambray wrap skirt? Maybe?
      Yay, I hope you do remember to write to her!! =]

  2. Those shoes are too adorable! Good luck with your berries! We currently have a whole mess of them growing in our yard. It doesn't get any fresher than that!

    1. I ate three this morning and OH MY, so fresh and delicious!