Sunday, June 14, 2015

Our Weekend in Numbers

0: Number of laundry loads completed =/

1: Number of sewing projects completed (I had it cut and ready to go last week but realized I’d cut it so the cherries were sideways and wasn’t sure I wanted to make a dress out of it. I thought about just using the fabric as picnic quilt squares but in the end I decided I just don’t want to be friends with anyone who would judge a baby for her outfit any ways. Fabric and ribbon are both from WalMart.

2: Number of water-friendly baby carriers this tutorial will create… and when I suggested splitting the cost so we could each have one, the world’s greatest friend offered to do the making since she’s already sending a busy book to the toddler soon

3: Number of times I cried tears of joy

4: Number of chapters read from the second mini prequel of the Dorothy Must Die series

5: Number of Sarah Palin’s Alaska episodes we watched (Oh man. We had watched two episodes in a hotel a long time ago so I grabbed it on a whim when I saw it out of the corner of my eye walking past the DVDs at the library. So glad! We have just GOT to get to Alaska soon. So gorgeous I actually teared up at the beginning of the first episode)

7: Number of letters written and placed in the mailbox

14: Number of dollars we spent on a backyard kiddie pool

17: Number of feet the travel trailer we fell in love with is.

Unknown: Number of weeds whacked, number of smiles shared, number of times I wished we could just spend every day together

You guys, this weekend! I know I was just talking about the terrible twos but this weekend was wonderful and everything feels a little brighter now. So many times I would be holding both of my babies, or holding my baby and watching my toddler, and my heart just felt so swollen with love and pride and joy. We played outside, snuggled on the couch with books, played at the library, held hands at church… I don’t know, I guess it was just a reminder that this season of life is still beautiful and wonderful, and that even the “bad” parts of it are just a tiny little speck in the grand scheme of things.

This week we’re looking forward to a new mom’s playgroup and our fifth wedding anniversary so, you know, life is great. 

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  1. The days I don't do laundry are the days full of fun anyways, which makes life a little better! I'm glad you had such a good weekend!