Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tot Travels: Yellowstone Bear World

There is a drive-through bear park in south-east Idaho called Yellowstone Bear World. We highly recommend it.
It was really cool to see all the various wildlife in the beginning. Deer, elk, buffalo, all kinds of things… but our favorites were of course the bears. It was really cool to see them so close. We were following right behind a curator tour so we actually got to see them being fed and a few of them stood up on their hind legs or did other cute things to get their food.

We were going about 5mph so I let the little guy out of his car seat and just held him in my lap. It was so cute to see his face as we’d point out animals so close to our Jeep. Each time we came up to a bear he’d shout ROARRRR!

After the drive-through portion you can go park and walk around. There were a few educational exhibits, a few rids in a concession area, and a chance to bottle-feed a bear cub for an additional fee. We tried out a few of the rides with the little guy before we moved on to the petting zoo.

Ryan and I most enjoyed seeing the bears but our little guy most enjoyed the petting zoo. He got to see chicken, geese, goats and a deer up close and personal. He actually pet the goats and deer, much to our surprise.

Definitely check it out if it’s on your way to Yellowstone! And if you’re gluten free, be sure to stop and eat some gluten free pancakes (breakfast served all day) at Smitty’s in Idaho Falls. 

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