Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Favorites: 5 and 26 Months

Inspired by filling out my own little list o favorites recently, I thought I’d come up with 10 questions to re-evaluate every few months. Not only because it will be a fun thing for us to look back on, but also because it might spark some ideas for others with little ones. I’m linking everything I can just in case you’re very interested, and some will be affiliate links. Enjoy!

1. Favorite color
5-month-old: Unknown
26-month-old: “Um, hmmm, mmm, brown. Yeah. Black. Yeah. Redddd. Lellow. Yeah.”

2. Favorite food
5-month-old: breastmilk
26-month-old: “Umm, hmm, waffles peanut butter.”

3. Favorite book
5-month-old: Seems to really like being read to but doesn’t respond more to any specific book yet.
26-month old: “Ummmm, well, Arthur.”

4. Favorite TV show/ movie?
5-month-old: N/A
26-month-old: “Um, hmmm, uh, Ho-Ho-Ho.”

5. Favorite animal?
5-month-old: N/A
26-month-old: “ROOOOOOAAAARRRRR!” (“Bears?”) “Yep.”

6. Favorite fun thing to do with family
5-month-old: Definitely likes to be outside, whether in the stroller or in our arms/a carrier. She also loves Peek-a-Boo and having her tummy tickled.
26-month-old: “Hmmm. Eat.” (What else do you like to do as a family?) “Hmmm. Mmmm. Uh. Park.”

7. Favorite fun thing to do alone
5-month-old: She likes to suck on her toes, bite her baby doll’s hat, and army crawl/inchworm around in front of a mirror (I bought one at the Dollar Tree recently specifically for setting in front of her while she plays)
26-month-old: “Oh, color!”

8. Favorite shirt
5-month-old: N/A
26-month-old: “Truck. REDDDDD.”

9. Favorite word
5-month-old: gargle-y GUH sound
26-month-old: “Hmmm. Hmmm. REDDDDDD!”

10. Favorite toy
5-month-old: Her most-played with toys are the baby doll I made, a crinkly rattle thing, a wooden Penguin rattle, a soft raccoon rattle. No obvious favorite at the moment, though I of course tell myself it’s her baby doll every chance I get.
26-month-old: “Truck.”

Also, picked a cloth diaper winner! 

Congrats Valerie! I will be e-mailing you shortly. 

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