Thursday, July 16, 2015

Healthy Kid Food: Date Bars

So you’ve probably read about them a million times on here, but we’re huge fans of Larabars. They are a perfectly healthy snack for adults and toddlers, and everybody in between. (Also check out Kit’s Organics, and That’s It bars if you’re nut-free). Larabars are dates mixed with miscellaneous dried fruits and nuts. (My favorites: Peanut butter chocolate chip, Coconut chocolate chip, Pumpkin Spice) (Ryan’s favorites: Snickerdoodle, Peanut butter cookie, coconut cream pie) (Toddler’s favorites: Chocolate chip cookie dough, blueberry muffin, carrot cake)

We recently had a few $1 off four Cliff bar coupons via Mambo Sprouts, which worked out nicely since Kit’s Organics (made by Cliff bar) were $1 each at the store. But. That’s still $3 for four bars. That was already extravagant to us, but especially now that we’re on our new bare bones budget.

I made our own fakeout Larabars in the past and we both loved them, but prepping the dates in the food processor was a chore. (My food processer is cracked and makes a big mess… but it might have been a chore any ways?) So the last time I made these was before we had children.

But now our new health food store has macerated organic dates! For the same dang price as no-one-did-the-work-for-you-yet dates!

Chocolate chip thief
 So when the baby was taking her first morning nap, the toddler and I headed into the kitchen to scan our options and put together some date bars of our own. We created these using the ingredients in our pantry and all three of us loved them.

Macerated (or food processed) dates, sesame seeds, shredded coconut, walnuts, Enjoy Life mini chocolate chip. Mix it all together with your hands (very sticky), spread it out, slice it as desired, done. I baked ours at 200 for 30 minutes but that’s optional.

We also recently used the dates, sesame seeds, coconut and mashed banana to make the simple and healthy cookies in the Weelicious cookbook. I was actually HAPPY to give my kid a cookie every few days because it just meant more fruit in his diet =]

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