Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Randoms + Cloth Diaper Giveaway!

A few randoms as of late…

1. We’re living on a completely bare bones budget right now to reach some financial goals and make a few dreams come true. I was worried it would be stressful for us at first but it has honestly been no big deal, and even a little fun to have to be so much more creative with our groceries and entertainment.

2. And speaking of entertainment… this is our current favorite show (borrowed season one from the library for freeeee), and here are my current fiction and non-fiction reads. I’m not very far into the Stephen King book yet but I’m already honestly terrified every time I pick it up. The build-up is intense! We’re also playing lots of Scrabble (and other board games once in a while too), and last night I started making a swaddle sock doll for my cousin’s baby. I’m collecting change right now so I can go buy the fabric for its blanket in a week or two, as opposed to just digging into the craft fund I normally create for myself out of each paycheck.

3. Yesterday I made myself some (caffeine-free, thanks to Yogi!) chai tea. I added a smidge of honey and I was getting ready to add a splash of milk when I discovered that I did not, in fact, have any milk. But I did still have the chai-flavored protein drink I got from a coupon promotion last week. I don’t love the way I feel when I have soy, but I did love the taste of chai with chai.

4. In the fall/winter I am at my best. I eat healthy veggie-filled soups and I am super active. I hike, trudge through the snow just to enjoy the silent (ish, because children) woods. I walk around downtown, play tennis, do exercise DVDs at home to stay warm. In the summertime I just want to sprawl out in front of a fan and eat ice cream. I’m trying to make myself beat the heat in healthier ways. I’m choosing green smoothies over ice cream, putting a cold damp washcloth on the back of my neck while I do chores, and even forcing myself to move a tiny smidge. Yesterday the toddler and I did 13 whole minutes of my postnatal boot camp DVD before I thought I would pass out and overheat.

5. A few things I’ve enjoyed from online recently: this accidentally-at-home birth story, 5 lessons learned after quitting Facebook, these low-prep meals to get you through the first trimester blahs, this adorable picture of a DIY baby headband made by Steffani, and these simpleteething necklaces via Etsy. I still had another natural wood teething ring from Steffani so I got an inexpensive green cord (before our new bare bones budget went into effect, of course) and completed a 20-second craft. The baby isn’t teething but she really likes playing with it/slobbering on it. While I’m wearing it, of course.

And now, as promised, a cloth diaper giveaway! 

We use three different cloth diaper systems in our house. The cheapest and most-often used is a simple waterproof cover over some pre-fold cloth diapers. I ordered Diaper Safari covers while they were on a great sale and I had a free shipping code or they were just offering free shipping or something. We also have gDiapers, which are Ryan’s favorite style. And then we have a few all-in-one pocket diapers. These are my favorite by far, but they’re pretty pricey so we only have a few of them. So simple though. I stuff their one insert in as I’m putting away laundry and then that’s it. I snap ‘em on and go. Like a disposable, but cloth-ier.

This week I am giving away one LilBit, all-in-one, one-size-fits-all cloth pocket diaper with bamboo inserts. You can enter for yourself or enter for a friend or family member who cloth diapers. To enter, leave a comment letting me know what your favorite free form of entertainment is, along with the e-mail address I can reach you at if you win.

For additional, optional entries:
Follow me on Instagram and let me know that you do.
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Share this giveaway on your blog/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest and let me know you did. You can share once per day on each social media platform.
Donate to Ayingeneye’s fund. You can enter once for every dollar you donate between today (7/7/15) and Monday (7/13/15).

That’s it! Enter by midnight on Monday, July 13th. I’ll pick a winner on the evening of the 14th. Good luck!


  1. Hmm free entertainment...I'd say a window-shopping trip to the bookstore or a trip to the library! :) caitcetera@gmail

  2. I follow you on Twitter :) <3

  3. Lately I have developed a love of Sunday drives. We just turn up the music and enjoy the countryside

  4. Free entertainment would be reading your blog. ;) Also, going to the park or woods!

  5. I follow you on Instagram!

  6. I love going hiking,going for long walks and picnics. We love being outside.

  7. follow on instagram as rachelcartucci


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  9. We love being outdoors! The outdoors offers so many different types of free entertainment!


  10. i am ALL ABOUT free entertainment ! hahahah. my husband and i really enjoy going on picnics, making home movies, and having bonfires. i personally love to take bubble baths, paint my nails, and experiment with new cooking/baking recipes (ok, so not technically free since i did buy the ingredients). oh! and i have a TON of fabric scraps and yarn scraps and so finding little projects to use up leftover resources like that are fun for me too :)

    -valerie sobus