Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tot Travels: Grand Tetons, WY

Last summer, when I was in the early stages of my second pregnancy, we took a little road trip to Jackson, Wyoming. It was a glorious time, and we took a little time at the end of it to explore the Grand Tetons.

The season hadn’t officially started yet so a lot of things were closed, but we were short on time (and energy, pointing at myself) any ways so it wasn’t a big deal.

Here’s what I wrote a few days after we came home:

I think this was a good age (15 months) to start a Tetons visit with. He isn't a huge fan of long car rides, but we usually time them around naptime and make sure to stop frequently during his waking hours. He loves to walk around and explore outside and really loves to see animals so we knew it would be generally enjoyable for all of us... and we were right!

Ryan had looked a few things up in advance because he knew a major hike was out of the question. Aside from being a general hiking baby (I love it, but on my own terms), I also happened to be pregnant and hypotensive... and we had a 15-month-old in tow. So he found Jenny Lake, which was absolutely gorgeous.

We stopped and walked around a little bit early-on, then we headed out to Jenny Lake for a little picnic. It really wasn't a "hike" at all. The whole way was perfectly paved so we just pushed the kiddo in his stroller. Ryan had to carry it up and down some stairs when we decided to picnic at the actual shoreline, but he is the biggest and strongest daddy ever so he didn't mind.

It was a really beautiful day. We dipped our toes in the water (freezing!), watched boats in the distance, skipped rocks, and took in the sounds of the birds.

The Tetons are a little bit too far to road trip right now while the baby is still so young, but eventually they will be no big deal and we will be pretty excited to take our children and explore them (and Yellowstone!) together. 

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